frequently asked questions.

you are responsible for all the information below:

Consultations are accepted all year round BUT consultations are only reviewed once every 6 months (January 1st & June 1st)

Once all consultations are reviewed, I will select the projects I am most interested in & those consultations will be allowed to book their appointments for the next 6 months.

Accepted consultations will be given:

  • Booking access
  • Important appointment information
  • Pricing estimate on the entire project

If you were NOT accepted, you may submit a new idea or submit multiple ideas.

**Please fill out a new consultation form for every new idea.**

Once accepted and given access to booking, your booking access will be left open for a month. Please figure out your budget and timeline for the project.

**Book all appointments up front, if multiple appointments are necessary.**

Bookings are first come first serve.

Pre-Design purchases and existing appointments will be given priority booking. If you have a priority booking, you have TWO WEEKS to book your appointments for that 6 month period BEFORE my books open to other approved designs. (2 weeks prior to opening books)

By booking with me, you are agreeing to give full artistic freedom of your piece.


  • Consultations are taken year round
  • Only reviewed every January 1 and June 1
  • Submit a new consultation form for every separate idea you have


  • Custom consultations will be taken all year round. They will only be reviewed to be approved or rejected every 6 months.
  • Pre-design work will take priority booking then custom consultations will be reviewed.


  • All designs are original artworks
  • Only for purchase to be tattooed by ashes bardole.
  • Predesigns will be open for purchase every 6 months
  • You are guaranteed to get an appointment
  • Priority booking
  • You must book 6 months worth of appointments for your design upfront
  • Only one $100.00 deposit will be taken
  • *if your deposit is lost due to:

    • no call/no show/multiple cancelations/multiple reschedules.

    • you will have to leave an additional payment or deposit.

  • If you do NOT start a pre design within 6 months, the design will be re-listed for sale.
  • no alterations.
  • If you are outside or a regular travel location please check before purchasing
  • Size and color determined by artist please contact artist if you are unsure about anything

Predesign Priority Booking Open:

  • December 15th – January 31st
  • Custom consultation booking Dates
    • January 1st – January 31st
    • May 15th – June 30th

Custom consultation booking Dates

  • June 1st- June 30th

Custom Consultations:

  • I only take projects that can fit into my style (creepy, cute, illustrative) and that I am interested in taking.
  • You will receive either an approved or declined consultation email.
  • All consultations will get an email response. Please do not email me asking for a response if you have not gotten one yet.

Consultations will be reviewed & books open:

  • January 1st – January 31st
  • June 1st- June 30th


  • NO previews of custom designs will be shown before appointments 
  • Designs are not to be taken to any other artist to be tattooed

How to calculate the estimated price of your tattoo:

  • (hours booked) X (appointments needed)= total estimate of time for the entire project
  • (total estimated time) X (hourly rate)= total estimated cost for the entire project

Please note: you are only charged for time tattooed appointment time usually includes breaks and other that you are not charged for.

  • I OVERESTIMATE so you are well prepared for the project ahead of time.
  • An estimate will be sent via email that is specific to your project
  • *Hourly rate may vary based on location

Under no circumstance will a deposit be refunded.

If you
No call (do not call 48hrs before your appointment to reschedule or cancel)
No show (do not show up for your appointment)

  • Your deposit will be void & you will be blacklisted (no longer able to work with me)
  • You will no longer be blacklisted if you pay a new deposit amount that covers 4 hrs tattoo appointment.


Multi-Session & Discount Code:

  • *this code is only to be used for booking multiple appointments
  • You must leave a deposit on your first appointment booked
  • *or if you have already left a deposit
  • *misuse of this code will result in void deposit or blacklisting


You will be blacklisted (no longer able to work with me) for the following:

  • No Call/No Show
  • Misuse of discount codes
  • Sharing booking passwords with others
  • Sharing discount codes with others
  • Inappropriate behavior/sexism/homophobia/racism/disrespect to myself or other clients/artists
  • Keep the first wrap of Second skin on for 3-4 days

You must change the wrap asap if:

  • Blood or plasma is leaking out from the bandage
  • Water gets from outside to inside the bandage
  • Part of the tattoo is exposed
  • Additional redness or itching happens within 30 min of applying the bandage


After 3-4 days remove the second skin at the end of a warm shower

  • Wash your hands then wash the tattoo
  • Let the tattoo air dry then reapply Second Skin
  • Leave the second bandage on for an additional 6-7 day
  • Do not Soak or submerge your tattoo in water for 2 weeks
  • NO: swimming, hot tubbing, baths, water sports
  • A shower is fine
  • No sun during the 2 week heal time, once healed use sunscreen or cover your tattoos from sun damage
    No sweat, keep exercise and physical activity to a minimum, if you get sweat build up under the bandage you may cause an infection or acne
  • If redness appears around the edges of the bandage, peel back the bandage and cut the extra bandage off


  • Your first touch up is free you do not need to leave a deposit to book
  • After your first touch up it will cost 50% the current hourly rate

if you are NOT able to complete any of the requirements below I will reschedule you without penalty.

Falsifying any information or not adhering to these new requirements will result in blacklisting and cancelation of all future appointments.

  • Proof of second vaccination (must be completed 14 days prior to appointment)
  • Proof of a negative covid test (you will have to provide a copy/screenshot/proof within 72hrs of the day of your appointment)
  • no additional exposure to others between time of taking test and arriving to your appointment (depending on testing location results make take 24hrs to 3 days please plan appropriately)
  • No group gatherings, shows, parties, hang outs of 5 people or more 14 days prior to your appointment
  • Mask required during appointment and 14 days prior if you will be out in public
  • No guests
  • Client is only allowed the following personal belongings: Cell Phone, Payment Method, 1 water bottle (extra items must be left in car)